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iPad app crashes and some refinements

I have been using the iPad app for a week. I noticed that when I try to use calendar, the app crashes. I have tried relaunching the app (closing it from multitasking bar and relaunching) and restarting the iPad but the issue seems to repeat. I am using the latest version (2.50) of the app with iOS 7.1 on iPad Air.

Also, I have a few suggestions for refining the user experience.

1. It would be good to just login once. Currently, I have to login frequently.
2. If we could get a way of chatting and getting notified when others send us a chat message.
3. Would be good if we can use the wall to post stuff as we do in web interface.
4.If there is a notification when someone comments on the post that we have posted.
5. Notification when there is a new post from instructors.
6. Integration with iOS calendar.
7. Ability to save instructor details in iOS contacts.
8. A separate interface for Instructors and Admins to manage the course from app.

Would again like to congratulate you for an amazing platform that have a world of possibilities.
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