Is there a way to receive notification of new releases to OpenClass?

I have noticed in browsing questions and comments here that OpenClass has added some features that can be retroactively applied to older courses. Is there a way to be notified of these features when they are released?
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  • Yes! Make a habit of visiting the OpenClass Community Forum!

    You'll notice there are Company Updates posted here in the forum when there is a new feature release, a known issue, a request for feedback, etc. The type of update that refers to a new feature release typically begins with the words "NEW RELEASE" followed by details regarding the release.

    You can review a complete list of Company Updates by clicking 'See all company updates' where it appears in the left hand column of the community forum. Please see the screenshot below.

    If you would like to be notified of Company Updates, you can set your account to follow the 'Company Update' product. When you choose to follow an OpenClass product and set up notifications, you will receive an email each time a topic is posted to that particular product.

    To follow a product, click the dropdown menu located to the right of the Community tab located in the top center toolbar and select 'Products'. Click on the 'Company Update' product and then click the 'Follow' button where it appears in the left-hand column of the screen. Please see screenshots below which illustrate these steps.

    To be notified of updates made to this product, click the dropdown located to the right of your profile where it appears in the upper right-hand corner and select 'Email and Notifications'. Confirm your email address is correct and click the box to select "Send me an email at my primary email address about new topics posted on products I follow". Please see a screenshot of this below.

    Additionally, we are hoping to build new release notifications into the OpenClass solution so that you will be notified of a new feature that has been released since you last logged in. Look for more information later this year.

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