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I’m frustrated

Login Error

I recently attempted to log into my openclass account and received notice that my email/password did not match. I reset my password multiple times and I was still unable to log in. Finally, I tried to log in via GoogleApps sign-in and I was told that my username,, was incorrect.

I have logged in before and I did not have this problem. Any ideas what's going on now?
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  • We're sorry to hear about the trouble you're encountering, Michael.

    Thank you for providing details regarding your account. This helps greatly in speeding up the process of resolution.

    We see that your account was created on the TNTP campus in OpenClass as Note the capital 'M' and capital 'W'. The email address and password fields at are case sensitive so you will need to be sure you are entering your email address exactly as it appears above. When you login, please be sure to use the password you created most recently.

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