losing homework due to "timing out" and no "save" feature

Hello Hillary,
You referred me to this area from the "reviews" section of your Open Class home page. Our school adminsitration has our teaching staff taking the Athens University Open Class as part of our professional developement. We are taking an Open Class coarse and find our assignments under the syllabus section.

The biggest frustation I have experienced was having my homework "time out" and disappear into cyber space. If I start on my assignment and need to leave, my work times out and is gone! This "timing out" has happenned to other teachers on our staff. Many of us are frustrated because these assignments are being graded and we would like to submit top notch responses in our essays. It is difficult to get the homework completed in one seating. I would like a "save" option. This would allow me to work on my assignment and return when I have more time. Also, I would be able to proofread my work if I could "save" and return to double check my essay.

Since it has taken me from 1 1/2 to 2 3/4 hours to complete my assignments, I really would appreciate the "save" option. Thanks for your time and consideration of a possible change to make your Open Class more user friendly.

Patty Riske
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  • We are sorry for the issue you have encountered, Patty, we understand your frustration.

    In order to better understand the issue you experienced, we will need some additional information. If you could provide the course details and instructor information for the course that you are enrolled in, it will help us to gain better understanding of the issue. Moreover, if you can also provide exact steps that you followed to submit your assignment it will help us to nail this down

    Based on your description it sounds like the issue occurred within the exam feature of OpenClass, potentially an essay exam. Is this correct? If yes, there could be an issue with how the assessment was originally set up within the system by the instructor. I have included some additional information on how to save work within the assessment tool here: https://getsatisfaction.com/openclass...

    Hang in there Patty, we will work together to figure this out.
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