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I've just downloaded today Google Chrome and gone to sign into OpenClass.

Once logged in, I see an outline of the dashboard which then vanishes.

Do I need any add-ons or extras to make the dashboard appear and stay visible?

I'm running the lastest chrome version (from today) and Win7 Ent x64
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  • We're sorry to hear you can't see your Dashboard, Piers. There are no specific add-ons or extras necessary to run OpenClass - Windows 7 and the latest version of Chrome should do the trick.

    Can you please confirm you're still experiencing this behavior? Have your fellow instructors and/or students reported similar behavior? Are other websites performing correctly on your machine? There is no current issue that would prevent a user from viewing the Dashboard in OpenClass and we have not been able to recreate the reported behavior during our testing. Any additional information you can provide would be helpful. Please also include a screenshot of any error that returns on your machine. You can use the landscape icon in the lower right-hand corner of the text field to insert a screenshot in your post to the community forum.

    Thank you for your help, Piers! We appreciate it.
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