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multiple questions before "launching event of OpenClass" near everyone in my university.

Q1) Batch upload will create new batch list or will dump all students of batch in people list (we are expecting more than 25,000 student in next 5 years)? If it create a batch list, then can we add batch directly in new course.
Q2) Can we completely delete any particular person from person list.
Q3) My University runs many courses like MBA, BBA, PHD, ETC (total of 16) with 2-3 batch in every courses and every batch has multiple trimester or semester having many subjects in each. OpenClass allow me to create from trimester (as term) and then can add subjects in that (as courses). This current system will make this software very lengthy and messy in next 2-3 years, because for now I have to create nearly 40-50 terms in one year. The question is, can I make it much clean say from for example- MBA - 2014 to 2016 - 3rd trimester - marketing research.
Q4) to be frank, this site runs slower than other sites in same internet speed. It’s just a suggestion if you can make the site little faster in coming future. Currently, the site loading speed is acceptable, but can be improved.
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  • Hi Gopal,

    Thanks for sending in your questions. We will address them one at a time for you below:

    1. Batch upload allows you to create new users, enroll users in a course, create courses, update user information, and update enrollment statuses (Add or Drop). It is recommended that you do not submit a file that exceeds 2000 lines, and we recommend splitting up files that are taking on different actions in the system. For instance, create and upload a file that creates users, and then create and upload a file that enrolls users. For detailed information on this system, please refer to our Knowledge Base article here:

    2. You can use the "Deactivate" feature within a person's profile, but there is no way to completely delete a user within the system for tracking purposes.

    3. For this question, we are not quite sure what you are asking. You can create terms in whatever manner you like. The term feature is really a way to organize your courses by like dates, and you can use the term to search for particular courses as well.

    4. We are sorry that the site is running slow for you. Our teams have been working to make adjustments, and we hope to have this improve in the future. Thank you for your patience.

    Hopefully, this helps. Please let us know if we can clarify further.

    The OpenClass Team
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