New to OpenClass: How to setup Courses and Terms (Batch)

we are a HS with some courses all year long, 1 quarter and some 1 semester (2 quarters). How do you set up terms and then the course. I need to use batch load. Each course can also have multiple sections. Grading is done quarterly and semester with the semester going on the transcript and including the final.

Do we load the same course section 4 times - one for each quarter and do all the registration four tmes. How do we maintain consistency in the course section from quarter to quarter if we actually import 4 different courses?
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  • Hi Chris,

    We can certainly help here. The great thing about OpenClass is that we have made it possible for you to set up your terms and courses to best fit your schools need.

    Based on what you have described, it may make the most sense to have a term for those courses that are a full year, a term for the courses that are one semester and a term for the courses that are one quarter. (Alternately, if you plan to use two quarters and give one final grade, you could also have the term run for the length of the semester giving a end of quarter one and end of quarter two grade.) This will help you to keep track of each type of course and what term it should be associated to. To better help you better understand terms in OpenClass, please use the following link for more information about managing terms.

    When looking at courses in OpenClass, it sounds like the best option will be to have a separate course instance for each course section. This will then allow students to be enrolled into their proper section of the course in question. You can learn more about courses in OpenClass here.

    Finally, once you have decided to set up your campus, you can then think about using the batch upload feature to create and enroll students. This link will give you more information about the batch upload feature. Most schools maintain consistency with course enrollments by managing things at the term level meaning each time there is a new term start, users are batch enrolled into the proper course or section.
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