OpenClass integration with Google Apps, could anyone guide me through ?

hi. i am a systems administrator and want to try OpenClass for my University. We are already using google apps and wanted to add LMS to it. I have heard openClass integrates well with google apps, just wanted to know if it had a user cap in any form (number of users and/or volume of data) and if it supports multi-domains (google apps)./ cheers
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    I’m happy to welcome you to OpenClass!
    Thanks so much for your interest in OpenClass, Omer!

    We think you'll find some value in visiting the OpenClass Knowledge Base. You'll find helpful information about the following:

    Installing OpenClass on your Google Domain
    Multiple Google Domain Support

    There is no cap to the number of users you can add to OpenClass, however we recommend you add no more than 200 users to a single course. You will see optimum performance in the 100 range.

    There is no limit to the volume of content you can add to OpenClass.

    Thanks again, Omer! We hope you enjoy!
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