Posting not working on course home page

I am unable to get the "Activity" posting section to work on the Course Home page. There is no "Update" button to click on the Course Home page. Classes you can use are MGMT-1001, MGMT-2454, MGMT-2232.

Thank you for your help!

According to the OpenClass information:
From either Dashboard or Course Home you can share updates and posts. When you Share updates on Dashboard, you have the option to share the post with your Followers or with a specific course. When you Share updates and posts in Course Home, your post is visible to everyone enrolled in that course.

Share a post:

Click in the Share an Update field.
Enter a title for your post and type your message.
(Optional) Click photo or video to upload a photo or video with your message.
(Optional) Click the Share with drop-down list to specify who can see your post.
Click Post.
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