Posting to wall--error message "try again later"

Running into a sporadic problem with posts to course walls...frequently seeing "try again later" prompt, but if you ignore the warning and post anyway...often works (turning into a "cried wolf thing"). Many of our instructors are using the wall posts rather than announcements to convey course information because it is more visible. Is this related to the functioning of the "Course Home" structure? Any way to give less geography to posts and more to announcements? And finally...regarding posts...anyway you can build in the ability for the instructor to delete "inappropriate posts?"
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  • Hi Mark,

    For the most part are you experiencing the sporadic "try again later" prompt when working in Chrome? Thank you for help with this. We certainly apologize for the inconvenience.

    As course home currently exists, you are not able to manipulate the size and position of announcements and wall posts on course home. We are working to give the instructor a more custom experience when they build their course home. Look for more functionality to be released in 2013.

    The ability to delete inappropriate posts is much closer to being introduced. Look for this feature to be released later this year.
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