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Setting up a new instructor...details please?

I am adding my first instructor other than myself (as admin/instructor). I have added them to the "people" list. Question: Do they now have access to ALL the courses, or do I "enroll" them in the one course I want them to have access to create and manage?

Basically...I want various instructors to only have access to their courses, not all the courses. Can I do this and how?
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  • You're doing great! This is music to our ears, Glenn.

    Instructors will only see courses they're enrolled in so you will be able to limit access in this way.

    Any user you create as an Administrator will have access to all courses through the Admin tools. If an Admin needs to have full access to a course, for example they are an instructor for that course, they should be enrolled as an instructor in that particular course to ensure they have the appropriate permissions.
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