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unresponsive script in test editor

When I create a test, the longer I am logged in, the slower the system becomes. For example, when I create the first 5-10 questions, the system acts quickly, but then it starts slowing down. It hesitates after hitting OK once the question is created. The longer I am in the system, the longer the pause is. When I get near 20 questions in a test, it will take so long that I get an unresponsive script warning, which I must prompt to continue. It is corrected by re-loading the course, but it will begin happening again over time. It has happened with all tests I've created, in different courses. I have only tested on Firefox. I also notice that when things start slowing down, it will insert the newly created question randomly instead at the top or bottom of the question list. This led me to the idea that it would be nice to have a better way of rearranging questions once created (e.g. drop-down question numbers) instead of the arrows which move them one-at-a-time which can be quite time-consuming on a test of 100 questions.
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