I’m confused, but not frustrated.

What's the point of following a student and having them follow me?

What does following a student do? Do I see every post they make anywhere? Does it make communicating possible? What's the advantage of doing it if they are already in your class list?

I'm new to the program and I'm trying to understand how to use these features effectively in my class.
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  • Hi Matt,

    You only will see posts that the students push out to their "Followers." On the dashboard, in the "Share" area in the middle above the activity feed, you will have a choice of who you share it with, which could be your Followers or any of the active classes that you are enrolled in through OpenClass.

    We have seen most people share with classes, but this does give people a way to maintain connections after a class ends.

    Hope this helps, and please reach out if you have any other questions.

    Thank you,
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