What is the best way to get started in OpenClass?

I added OpenClass to my Google Apps for Ed but I don't see many of the features discussed here. How do I access the grade book, toolbar, and enable socialization?
I'm really eager to get started and will appreciate some tips!
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  • We are excited that you have joined OpenClass!

    It sounds like you are having some issues accessing specific features in OpenClass. In order to help to move you forward, could you provide a screen capture of what you see when you login? The first thing you should see is the OpenClass dashboard which contains the toolbar and social tools.

    Based on your description, have you been able to create a course in OpenClass? Once you create a course, you will immediately have access to the gradebook as well as other course tools.

    We have included a link to the OpenClass Knowledge Base which contains helpful information on how to get started as well as training videos on how to use OpenClass.

    We hope you enjoy OpenClass!
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