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Creating and storing custom AX-fields at major OpenID-Providers

I'm thinking about to develop some kind of decentralized social-community-platform-stuff. As I need an decentral data-store for an decentralized socail-community, I thought about OpenID.

As social communities depend on lots of personal data-fields, I thought about organizing the users data by Attribute Exchange (AX).

But here is the clue: There are way less defined AX-Fields at the moment, then I would probably need. Of course I can propose them to be included in future - but what if they won't? Because I couldn't find a defintive answer, I'd like to ask you: Is it possibile to request/write/create new AX-fields by just publishing and linking to a definition?

Lets presume, I can do that in theory (I write a new AX-field, the OpenID-provider creates and saves it for futer use)... How big are my chances, that this will actually work today/in the near future with the major OpenID-Identity-Providers?

Thanks a bunch for your help!

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    Hi Martin,

    You raise a good point. Unfortunately AX and axschema.org have gone somewhat dormant. AX is still very much a part of OpenID, but its use is sporadic. Furthermore, extending the schema and getting anyone to adopt it will be challenging, at best.

    I would therefore recommend that you take a look at the PortableContacts.net API. It's somewhat orthogonal from OpenID, but it's what Google and others use in a "hybrid" OpenID-OAuth flow:


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