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I’m confused

How to deal with existing accounts?

There are so many OpenID providers. Google now is part of them. Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook?, etc...
OpenID is supposed to help you by having one login. But if I already have accounts to all those services, what am I supposed to do?
How can I merge my accounts?
They all want to be my OpenID provider and use them on other websites, but how can I replace my old user accounts then?
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    Excellent question Nathan. If possible I would use a domain name you control and use OpenID delegation. That way you can use as your OpenID login and delegate behind the scenes to the OpenID provider of your choice. You could switch providers at will and no one would be the wiser. There are lots of articles out there about how to set this up:

    Setting up OpenID delegation is a rather technical process though and not for everyone. Check out myOpenID, it is an excellent provider and has some great tools for making OpenID easy to use. myVidoop also has a OpenID solution that has a built in password manager for storing your old user account info.

    It is worthwhile to note that Google is still not accepting logins from other OpenID providers, they are strictly an OP. It would be nice to see Google as an RP too, but this announcement will still drive an increase in adoption of OpenID by medium-small sites as relying parties. This means while the number of logins you currently have is not going to decrease, the number of accounts you will have to create in the future definitely is!
    • I really do not understand. I have a MyOpenID, Wordpress, Google, Flick, Blogger Technorati and Twitter all the same name but have never been able to log on to anything using the OpenID name. Am I missing something?
    • I'm a little lost also, and I agree with David Sanger. I'm unable to use my VerisSirnOpenID to log in almost anywhere. Additionally, I have a Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, etc. accounts, how can I log in to them with my existing OpenID? If I'm unable to, then what's the point? I've had most of my accounts so long, it's not worth it.
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