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No "How?" on Add OpenID page

The "Add OpenID to your web site" button takes you to a page that gives reasons WHY a developer would want to do such a thing... but doesn't provide or even link to HOW to do it.

The paragraph above the button reads: "Run a web site and want to make it easier to sign up or sign in? Find out how..."

You'd better explain HOW (perhaps as well as WHY) on the target page.
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    The design of this section — from a navigation perspective — is admittedly a little awkward. We added the "Get an OpenID" and "Add OpenID to your site" tabs later on in the process — where we originally only had "Developers", "Foundation", and "Community".

    In any case, the flow is intended to be:

    1. Add OpenID to your site: the title of this page is self-explanatory, but the content is intended to answer the question "Well, why should I?" By starting out with a list of benefits, the idea is to provide context for people who have never heard of OpenID, or who were sent to "find out about OpenID" because their boss told them they should add it to their site.

    2. Presuming that we've convinced them, the next logical step is to "Get Started" — on this page we actually get into more details about what to do... be it using a library, a plugin or some third-party solution.

    3. Finally, for folks who want to become identity providers (which we think will — or should — be fewer), you can visit the "Become and OpenID Provider" page.

    I know that what you're saying is to combine Getting Started with the target/landing page, but breaking up the content is also a good idea, from an external linking perspective.

    To your point though, we will be adding a nice big "getting started" button to the right column of the page to make it more clear what the next step is after we've convinced you of the benefits!
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