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OpenID Connect for mobile-user cross-site authentication

Hi, we are trying to migrate one website to another website and we need to keep same user identities. The current website support three main use cases:
1) users coming from mobile data network, there is header enrichment that injects MSISDN and when they land on the website page they are automatically logged in using their MSISDN.
2) users coming over WiFi, they will promoted to enter their MSISDN and registered password; which will be authenticated by website internally
3) users coming from selfcare portal, where there will be a main user who owns multiple mobile accounts and wants to manage them from selfcare portal. Self care portal will authenticate his user and password and displays all his mobile accounts. when he clicks on one mobile account, the page is redirected to the other website and passes the selected MSISDN to that site , which will authenticate him automatically and will not ask him to enter password again.

I know that there is proprietary prtocol used between the two sites to allow automatic authentication. I don't want to use the same when migrating to new site.

I wonder if OpenID Connect can help in this domain and support the three use ases. and how it will be realized.
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