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I’m sure this will make the register even more useful! :)

Some ideas to help improve the Demand Register usefulness

Some suggestions to help improve the demand register:

1. In the voted websites list AND if logged in, add a tick against a website if you have voted for it, as well as with an "X" or trashcan icon to remove the vote. If you haven't voted for a website, add a "+" next to it so you can vote for the site if you wish to. This will expedite the voting process when viewing this list, without having to view each individual entry, as well as allowing you to see what you've already voted for.

2. Remove bad entries from the register. There is heaps of bad entries, such as HTML markup including "" or "", local network entries such as "localhost" or "". There is even a blank entry with 7 votes (at last check)!

3. Remove OpenID providers from the register - I noticed in there.. already consumes/provides OpenIDs, so no point listing it really.

4. If a site becomes OpenID-enabled, how is this handled in the register? Voting should be closed off, and perhaps change the font colour in the website register list to green to indicate successful implementation. Example entry: obviously, this already accepts OpenIDs!!

5. Provide a way to search for sites, with partial matching available (eg., searching for "google" will return "", "", etc).

6. Should subdomains be rolled up into one entry? eg., Google , Yahoo, and Microsoft all have multiple entries when looking at subdomains.

7. (Already mentioned in another post, but still an improvement, so..) include clarification on the site about how votes/the demand register is communicated with administrators for voted websites.
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