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What does "sid" mean in OpenID Connect logout specification?

Both OpenID Connect fronchannel logout and backchannel logout specification drafts mention term "sid" . But from the formulation, it is not clear to me if "sid" refers to the session on OP side or on RP side.

I assume that sid refers to the OP session as OP doesn't have access to the ID of RP session. At least I am not seeing anything in the specifications where RP shares it's session ID with OP, hence OP wouldn't know which "sid" value it should use.

Am I correct that this refers to the OP session ID, which is shared with the RP through the "session_state" claim in the ID token?

I can see the flow like this:
1) RP wants to login and redirects to OP
2) OP authenticates user, generates tokens and then in the ID token, it will send it's session "op_session123" in the claim "session_state" of ID token
3) RP receives ID token and it saves some state on it's side with the "op_session123" as the OP session ID
4) Later OP wants to logout user, so it will send backchannel logout token with the sid "op_session123" .
5) RP will terminate it's own session, which corresponds to the OP session "op_session123" .

Is it correct?

Marek Posolda
Keycloak software engineer
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