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WP Plugin OpenID conflict with WPTouch?

In a Wordpress 2.7.1 install running a K2 Theme (1.0-RC7) if both the OpenID plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/o...) and the WPTouch Plugin are active, the site loads fine from a computer, but gives a fatal error from the iPhone. The problem is resolved if either plugin is deactivated. The fatal error is as follows (pardon any typos, I don't know how to screen capture on the iPhone):

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_active_widget() in [path]/wp-content/plugins/openid/comments.php on line 382.

I already opened a ticket at bravenewcode.com (http://support.bravenewcode.com/topic..., but wanted you to know, because my solution so far has been to deactivate the WPTouch plugin (which I really want to use).
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