Some events on calendar (month,week,day views) link to wrong/deleted events

Some of the links on the month/week/day calendar views aren't working correctly - they are linking out to the wrong date & phantom content (could possibly have been older and/or deleted event content?)

For instance, on, in the month view, click on the Morning Prayers event on 2/20/18.

The pop-up shows Michelle O. will be the speaker on 2/20. But if you click on the link, it takes you to a calendar listing for 2/12/18 that shows the listing as Morning Prayers: Speaker: To Be Announced. So the link goes to the wrong place. And actually, the content isn't even correct for 2/12/18, because this should show the speaker as Tom Reid (this is what shows if you accessed the calendar through "Upcoming" or by filtering the calendar to look for "Morning Prayers"
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