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OpenVBX 1.2 Available for Download

OpenVBX 1.2 is now available for download. This release comes a bit sooner and a bit lighter than we had originally planned, but is no less packed with goodies than you deserve. This release brings speed improvements thanks to a caching layer, makes number management more sane, makes password storage more secure (not that it was insecure before, mind you), and brings more configuration options in to the Admin Settings to provide more control over how OpenVBX behaves.

To download:

For more details on the updates:
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    I've just attempted the upgrade and think I will have to roll back. After reading the upgrade guide, it made no mention of having to import the numbers after upgrading.
    I attempted to import one number, it opens to the first menu when called, but when attempting an outbound dial or progress to any other menu, the call just ends.

    Also, how do I find out if a plugin is compatible? Since I can't search the plug in directory on the OpenVBX site, I'd have to manually scroll through all pages to find the plugin again and hope it's compatibility is listed in the description?
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