OpenVBX/Twilio Client feature idea

It would be nice if there is a way in OpenVBX to set the default 'From' number for the outbound CallerID on a per user or better yet per group basis and not allow users to change it, unless they are an administrator.

We've got a half dozen twilio numbers provisioned. Some are for calls flows, some are for applications. When my users are in OpenVBX and want to make an outbound call there's a large list of 'From' numbers to choose from for the CallerID. Some of the less savvy users don't remember or can't seem to change which number they call out from to be the correct number. I don't want to have them making calls and trying to get call backs with one of my application numbers.

In discussing it with my developer one idea was to move the applications to a sub account as a tenant. This would at least hide the application numbers but still leaves me with the other list of numbers we use for specific call flows vs the default number we would print on business cards. If I could force the default 'from' number per group then users couldn't mess it up when making outbound calls. It seems like a feature that others would want and benefit from and should be incorporated into in the main code line.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Other ways to solve this?

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