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I’m frustrated

How do you fix incorrect fave addresses?

how do I change the address of a fave? I had the wrong address for a fave... I tried to edit that address, that didn't work. I tried to delete the fave and re-enter the info - adding a new location/address. That didn't work.
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    We are working on this Jack, but at present you cannot edit address info yourself. A couple things:

    1. you're right you can't edit existing info for any location, even if you've created it
    2. deleting the fave and entering new address info should work - if you don't select the name from the autocomplete drop-down menu. If you type in a name , and it is exactly the same as one in the system already, the new entry will be associated with the previously input address info for that name.
    3. For now, please send the address info you'd like to update to, and that will ensure the correction is made.
    4. Note - the same problem exists trying to replace a blank address with actual info - so if you don't add an address in at the time of creating a fave, the blank info can only be replaced on the admin side.

    I know this is frustrating and thank you for bringing this to our attention. We know this is critical and we are working on some fixes as we speak. Thank you for your patience, and we'll have a solution for you soon.
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