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I’m frustrated

Login Problems with Credit Card being charged. Help!

Have login problems with the system twice.

It won't login even after changing password and refreshing page.

I know a salesperson followed up and spoke to programmers, the system is charging my credit card everyday without letting me in to change cpc or make adjustments based on conversion.

This is unacceptable to me now I need to get in or stop charges. Thanks.
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  • I’m not knowing what to say
    Well Ok, I got an email.
    I have a balance for 197 and the campaign was running for 3 months!
    That's fine, just know this is not my intention.
    People do remember their intentions to spend.

    I am just hearing about the billing at the end of the month. I just wish the billing, stops and starts were visible either in the interface and in the email to catch things.

    I thought I turned it offline and there was no evidence to the contrary.

    Also the email says I was just charged 60, I saw other charges in my account. Also the credit card was down several times not just once. I think something happened and I wish I knew what it was.

    The email says you only turn the campaign on manually, just to let you know my experience is that this thing was on and I didn't know for more than 30 days! And I didn't feel I had it on. Credit card went off several times too and one I wrote and said "I thought this thing was off more than 30 days" and somehow I never figured it out.

    Just sayin' I need this never to happen, too easy to say it is "user error" but I've had squirrely password and billing info, there's also not enough financial information showing in the interface yet to feel "safe". Otherwise i have to log in to double check.

    I know a non profit that uses you in LA that's how I heard about you. The traffic is nice I just wish this is what I originally intended. Ok.

    I'll be happy to pay the bill shortly.
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