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Kate (Official Rep) December 12, 2008 15:51

What are the red X's next to the recommended links?

This week we released a new feature that allows any outbrain blogger to have some control over the recommendations that show on your pages. This powerful new feature is called the Link Zapper. It enables the blog owner to "zap" a recommended link from the site and in return get a new one. As good as the outbrain recommendations are we know there are some times that bloggers want a bit more control - so now you have the power.

Once logged into your outbrain account, you will see a small red [x] at the end of each recommended link on your blog. If you would like to remove the recommendation just click the [x] and outbrain will zap that recommendation from the displayed links and replace it with a new one. In the outside chance there isn't another recommendation that passes the "quality" test, we simply won't show one. Further, upon zapping a recommendation, outbrain remembers your preference and will not show that recommendation again on your site.

To make "zapping" links even easier and faster, you can now login to your outbrain account directly from your blog by clicking the [?] in the widget. The [?] is located at the end of the line that carries the rating stars. You can watch a screen cast tutorial on our blog to see this feature in action.

Thanks to our hard working R&D and product teams for pushing this awesome new power out to our bloggers.