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I’m tired of FB being flaky
Jo Carter (Founder and Developer) March 31, 2010 13:04

How the Packrat Market Tracker works

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Tracker, I thought I would clear one up; this is how it works:

Every minute, it has a list of the markets, and goes through one by one (in a random order) and gets all the cards.

Lately Facebook has been so slow that sometimes it cannot get all the markets within one minute. At this point it stops and processes the markets it has managed to get. This means that sometimes a market is only checked every 2 - 3 minutes.

Also, due to the fact that "keep me logged in" doesn't actually keep you logged in, the Tracker gets logged out (just like a normal user). At this point, it waits 15 minutes, to attempt to log back in again. This change was implemented when everyone was getting white pages instead of FB pages, to prevent it from trying to log in every minute for hours.

Once it has logged in - it will wait another minute to check the markets.

It will only track the card if it is there at the exact second past each minute that it gets a particular market.

It does NOT need the card to be in the market for 60 seconds (only for 1 second); it CHECKS each market approx every 60 seconds.

Sometimes, when Facebook returns bad HTML, cards will appear for the wrong price - this will correct itself the next time it gets that market page (or the next time the card appears).


With regards to Collection retiring dates:

It gets these from the Available Collections page, but as you are aware, Facebook sometimes returns broken pages. When this happens, the data returned to the Tracker is bad and can result in the Expiry date being messed up - it will generally correct itself within 1 minute - however, I do keep an eye on this, and manually correct it if it doesn't. If in doubt, check the Packrat Available Collections page.


Additionally, if you believe the Tracker to be down, use and if it is down for everyone, then please email me at