apple tv and miro: can they play together?

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I think you miss the point.

Apple TV, Miro and Plex all COMPETE against one another
in the same space ( Digital Asset Management, Home PC Theater).

AppleTV is a "settop" box type environment that is proprietary to
itself, much like a DIVX type playback device or a TIVO.
It can only handle it's own media type, doesn't accept other media types
(without hacking) and is meant strictly for delivery and not much else.

Plex and Miro, on the other hand, embrace a wider range of formats,
require you to have the hardware to meet specifications,
and and can not only do delivery, but can also ( in some cases
with hacking) do other things as well ( torrent serving,
Internet searching, etc.)

Apple TV is for those who want a "plug and play" solution that requires a monetary investment of buying and renting digital assets,
simply to enable playback.

Plex and Miro are for those a bit more savvy, who have libraries
of existing digital assets, who simply want a front end to
playback, organize, and enjoy their assets.
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i get what you're saying, and realize that i worded the question poorly. allow me to rephrase, and then answer the question myself, as i figured out a workaround:

q: how can i get the video files that were torrented through miro (an admittedly overkill bit torrent client if that's all you use it for...) to play on apple tv?

a: take the video file and convert it to an m4v file through handbrake (a free media conversion application for macs). then import the converted file into your itunes library and sync it to your apple tv. of course, there may be a better way, but this works well enough until one is found.
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or take it to your itunes library, start playing it, and click the airplay button down right and select 'apple tv'. it will then start playing. (wishing this functionality existed within miro, it's possible!)
I am very happy with my Miro instalation.