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Descriptive Filenames for Saved Videos

First off, nice work!! Miro makes sense of video on the web in a way nothing else does. But I have a couple of suggestions to make. How about using descriptive filenames for saved videos? When you drag downloaded videos into the library they're shown in Miro with descriptive titles, like "Captain Beefheart - Live in Belgium, 1969". But when I look for the same file outside the program it's named something like "VIDEO.13.MP4", which is cryptic! This seems needlessly opake for users who might want to edit the occasional file, or otherwise relate to it outside Miro. I suggest applying the descriptive internal title to the external filename, or simply including the external filespec in the "DETAILS" view, to let users know the name of the file linked to a library entry. I also suggest letting users trim search results by delete entries, and letting them save named search results.
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