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How to Request a Feature

Reposted from our Legacy Forums , also in the Documentation Wiki FAQ (thanks go to Dean for originally writing this up):

Want to See a New Feature in Miro?

Don't post it here in the forums — put it in our bug tracking system, where the developers will see it!

Vote on features you like and encourage other forum users to vote too!

How to Request a New Feature

1) Create an account in our Bugzilla system.

2) Use this form to post enhancements (aka feature requests). Make sure you search for your feature — duplicates are a big waste of time. If it already exists, vote on it!

How to Vote on your Favorite Feature Request(s)

1) Create an account in our Bugzilla system.

2) Every bug/feature report has a box in the lower left corner that allows you to add vote points. You have 100 points and can use a max of 10 points on a single item. You can always retract points and use them elsewhere, if you want.

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