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I’m intrigued

Miro won't open

The Problem:
When try to open Miro, it appears that nothing happens

The Circumstances:
I am running Windows XP
I had no trouble with the program at first

Now, it does not seem to want to open
I have, however, noticed that when i open the Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) and go to processes, Miro is listed and seems to be taking up a lot of memory (600,000 - 900,000k)

The Trial:
1. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Miro repeatedly (accompanied by deleting the Participatory Culture Foundation folder in my program files(sometimes))
2. I have installed with the Miro_setup, Miro_installer, and the Miro.exe, all of which i downloaded under additional versions for Windows
3. I have switched users after all the re-installation that didn't work and found that Miro will open on this other user account (where it did work)

The Question:
What can i do to get Miro working again on my user?

Feel free to ask questions.
Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks much,
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