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why can't i download some you tube videos ?

I am new to miro and would like to download some music videos in case they get rmoved form the youtube server. I have had no trouble downloading some videos, but some say "error file not found". whilst other files download no problem; If I can watch the video in youtube then surely this makes the file available for download ; Am I right ?
Also, windows firewall keeps asking for me to un=block the "miro downloader" but I am unsure whehter to do this as I do not know what it is or if it can give me a virus; Is this why some videos won't download ? and if so, is it safe to allow the miro downloader through my firewall, i.e. will this open up my ports to anyone (i.e. hackers) ?

Thanks for any help, and the actual software seems very impressive.

P.S. Is there any way to make it a default that when I play a video it plays in the pop-out every time ?
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