What information is shared?

Does signing up necessitate my information being shared with anyone else (i.e.- employers)? I'd like to sign up, but I don't want any information, or the results of signing up, to be shared until I'm good and ready (or not at all, if that's what I decide).
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  • Any information you can view on your public Path.To profile is visible to others. Look at my profile for example: http://path.to/joeymarchy

    * If you apply for a job we share your email address only with the employers.
    * If you connect your social services we link to your profiles

    You can always signup and make your profile private by going to http://path.to/settings/account

    If you make your profile private:
    * You will not be visible in the directory
    * Users will not be able to view your profile
    * When you apply for a job, only the employer will be able to view your profile

    Great question!
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