I want to link my PayPal account with my credit card - I don't want a PayPal Plus Credit Card.

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I'm confused - I read that my PayPal account can be linked to my credit card to give me a buying limit of up to $2000.
But when I try to do this on my PayPal account, I am given only two options: link a bank account (NO THANKS!!) or sign up for a PayPal Plus Credit Card. I already have enough credit cards with sufficient credit limits and I do not want to own or keep track of any more.
How do I link my PayPal account to one of the credit cards I have already used to make several small eBay purchases?
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  • confused and frustrated

Posted 9 years ago

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Hi aeswest-

PayPal allows only a limited amount of funds to be sent before requiring a user to confirm their identity further either via adding a bank acocunt or through adding a PayPal Plus Credit Card. To protect our cardholders, our accounts and the financial institutions for which we process transactions, those limits can only be lifted by additional confirmation of identity.

To add a credit card to a PayPal account, simply go to your Profile after logging in and select Credit Card. You can also mouse over the word Profile and choose Add or Edit Credit Card right from your Account Overview screen. As you approach your account's limit, you will be prompted.

If you plan on spending more than your account's limit with PayPal in the long term, please note that it doesn't have to be your personal bank account on file with us. If you have a separate bank account, possibly for business or savings, PayPal does not require you to keep a minimum monthly balance in the account. Rather, although we don't know all of the information that a bank asks of you to qualify for an account, by you registering a bank account with us and informing us of two small deposit amounts that we send to the account, we know that the person who signed up for the PayPal account has access to the financial instrument on file.

PayPal Jason
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say away from paypal you will get scammed by them

$2000. lifetime limit
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op 10 things to avoid with PayPal


1. Clicking on email links that purport to come from PayPal. These are always scams, known as "phishing" emails that take you not to the PayPal site, but a "spoof" site. One that mimics the PayPal site but is run by criminals. They get your information and then sell it to other criminals.

2. Registering your main bank account and credit card with PayPal. Due to the dangers posed in #1 above, and the possibility that PayPal could freeze your account, you never want your main account to be linked to your PayPal account. Same for your credit card. Always use a separate account for PayPal.

3. Accepting money from people you don't know. The PayPal "verification" system is a farce. It doesn't verify anything. It's meaningless. Never base your decisions on that information.

4. Paying people you don't know. While is true if you fund your purchase via your credit card (from a legitimate bank) you can issue a chargeback, if you fund by check, bank transfer, or PayPal balance, you will most likely lose your money if the seller is a scam artist. Of course this is true with sending a money order or check or other form of payment, however, with the paper method, there is a paper trail, which can be followed and the criminals try to avoid this. With PayPal there is only PayPal and their information is unreliable and just about impossible to get. Criminals love using PayPal.

5. Forget about using the Seller Protection Policy to protect yourself against fraudulent buyers. We have an entire post on this:

6. Giving PayPal all the information they request if there's a problem with your account. 99.9% of the time, it seems to have no bearing on getting your account unfrozen. PayPal just uses that information against it's users.

7. Believing your PayPal account is secure. It's a joke how lax the PayPal security is. All they need is your email account and password. That may be fine for posting on a forum, but when it controls your financial affairs, it's wholly inadequate.

8. Believing you can call PayPal and resolve any problems that arise. You'll be in for one rude awakening if you do. Lots of people who initially supported PayPal have changed their position after having to deal with PayPal on a one to one basis. Users have reported being hung up on, laughed at, scolded, told to "go to church", and other such comments.

9. If you have anything on your credit report, forget about using PayPal. As soon as you hit some magical number (seems to be about $2000/month) they will pull a credit report. If you have anything they don't like, you'll be sent the "parting ways" email. That's the email that PayPal tells you they don't want you as a customer anymore. Don't think just cause you do $10K a month through PayPal this will make any difference. They'll dump you even faster.

10. Don't put any racy pictures on your website. PayPal will accuse you of violating their "adult" prohibition and your account will get the axe. Here are two examples of sites PayPal has proclaimed to be adult in nature:
Link and Link
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Say for instance you apply for a credit card. Take for example my site, Apply For Cards. If you use www.applyforcards.net for a credit card and get granted credit, you'll have to wait for the card to be received in the mail to use it.
Now, paypal's system works a bit differently - the paypal plus card is not only sent to you in your e-mail but also you can use that credit immediately.
However, if you just want to use a credit card to make payment you may be prompted if you use eBay.com to make a purchase with paypal as your method - or through an online store with "credit card through paypal" as your method.
Now, to accomplish what you want to do, either buy something on ebay with paypal as the payment and add the payment method or go to your profile by clicking "my profile" on your paypal account dashboard, then go ahead and click on credit cards and then choose add/edit. You can easily add a credit card to your paypal account here and then use it as a payment method immediately.
Now, your buying limit is the amount you can spend each day, not a line of credit. For that you will indeed need the paypal credit option - paypal plus or call and ask them what their line of credit options - a customer service agent can explain that part better than I can. I've been a paypal user since its' inception and have been a business member for my businesses and a premier member for my personal account for quite awhile now. Take it from me - paypal.com's statement that "you'll have a $2000 spending limit" is only because you've added one card to your account. You can increase your spending limit to $10,000 with multiple cards - but that's only how much you can spend each day, not an actual line of credit.
Paypal's credit options are so abundant it is easy to get confused. I use the paypal plugin to generate one-time use credit cards with my MMORPG subscriptions. That way Blizzard Entertainment, through the worldofwarcraft.com billing system can't charge me if I forget about it.

Thomas S.

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hi,,good day

,,im just only asking,,,what im going to do,,to buy using a paypal without a credit card,,,it maybe possible,,?
plz,, help me,,
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got the same problem
paypal keep asking for cc info and wont let me pass to pay with my balance
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Hi people!
Confusing all the way up... So, let's say I get some money in this PayPal virtual account, "balance" as said, so I can't pay anything out of this amount of money at PayPal?!
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Hi my name is joe the owner of Red Zone Products and http://www.ExpandEnhancement.com

I would like to say that Paypal is the number one trusted site on the web for sending and recieving payments.

I have never had a problem buying or selling on the web through paypal. Don't worry about linking your account to them.

In responce to your question about the 2000 dollar limit. Paypal does not give you a line of credit.. Due to fraud prevention they limit you to a 2000 dollar spending limit, incase there is an issue relating to fraud, they take full responsibility when you follow the guidlines that need to be followed.
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husband won an item off ebay,i log into his pay pal account,put in his visa number just like before.It's comming up credit card can't be linked to additional pay pal accounts.WHATS THIS?and what can i do THANKS!
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Hey Tina
sounds like paypal thinks you have another paypal account that this card is already linked to,make sure your husband hasnt opened another paypal account and linked the card to it. if he has then he will have to log in to the other one and delete it off
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I have a credit card which I have registered with "Verified by Visa". I Could not link this card to my Paypal account. I have tried many times, but it always comes with a disappointing error message. Does Paypal approve of "Verified by Visa" security protocol? Can I somehow link this credit card to my Paypal account?? What should I do?