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I’m panicking

Limited PayPal Account (Under 18)... HELP!

I recently signed up for a PayPal account. I am 17 years old and turn 18 in about 2 and a half months. I know it is against their policy to sign up while being under 18... but I was stupid.
I added a bank account in my name and never even thought about the fact that PayPal would probably discover I'm under 18 because of that.

Anyway, I tried to put money into my PayPal account (over $1000, which is a lot for me) and now that its in my account PayPal have limited it and want me to send them proof of identification! What can I do? If one of my parents calls PayPal and tells them I'm under 18 and I regret signing up and provide their identification details instead of mine (as they are my parents) will I be able to get my money back straight away (I don't care if they close my PayPal account)? I REALLY need the money. Is there any chance I could lose it all together? Please help... I'm desperate.
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