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Paypal Abuse.

I have 2 paypal accounts , premier and personal and both have been limited by paypal team saying "there is high risk involved or unusual activity." I recently sold a laptop and 2 iphones to a wholeseller in Turkey. I sell via google base ads.
He paid me on my 1st account - premier account. I share this account with my ex wife so I don't prefer to add a bank account to it. Now, I sent the payment to my 2nd account to which I simply added a new bank account and withdrew funds.
After 24 hours paypal limited both my accounts. Withheld the payments and now I cannot ship the items because we need to attach a payment reciept with the customs declaration forms to prove that it is a commercial shipment.. So, now paypal won't refund the buyer, neither allow me to access funds. Paypal added negative balance to my 2nd account as curency conversion fee!!! a conversion that never took place because it witheld the amount before sending to my bank. The buyer will start a dispute soon and I did nothing wrong. did I? is that an offense or something to have 2 accounts? I'm so depressed right now. help me please.
I will loose not only reputation but also so much financial loss. I want to sue paypal right now. Help me please I beg you.
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