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I’m so sad

PayPal has limited my account permanently, what to do?

I had a US-Verified PayPal account.
My PayPal account was in good standing, I had PayPal Credit and PayPal debit card.
PayPal has limited my account because it's reported to be involved in possible fraudulent or high risk behavior, I really don't know what it means.
I usually use my PayPal account to buy stuff more than selling.
Anyway they requested me a photo ID and a proof of address, so I sent them.
Then I called them today by phone, and they decided to leave my account in a permanent limitation status, and they told me that after they received my legal documents.
Is there a way or chance even a small one to restore my account?
Please any good ideas so I can purchase from eBay, or extend my RapidShare and vBulletin account?

I had no idea that PayPal limits accounts permanently.

I really appreciate your help.
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