PayPal has limited my account permanently, what to do?

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I had a US-Verified PayPal account.
My PayPal account was in good standing, I had PayPal Credit and PayPal debit card.
PayPal has limited my account because it's reported to be involved in possible fraudulent or high risk behavior, I really don't know what it means.
I usually use my PayPal account to buy stuff more than selling.
Anyway they requested me a photo ID and a proof of address, so I sent them.
Then I called them today by phone, and they decided to leave my account in a permanent limitation status, and they told me that after they received my legal documents.
Is there a way or chance even a small one to restore my account?
Please any good ideas so I can purchase from eBay, or extend my RapidShare and vBulletin account?

I had no idea that PayPal limits accounts permanently.

I really appreciate your help.
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  • so sad

Posted 7 years ago

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Hi Penicillin,

The notification you received informing you that your account has been permanently locked should have contained the reason for the decision to part ways.

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Thanks for your reply.
They gave me no reason.
They just said:
possible fraudulent or high risk behavior
And I had PayPal Debit card, that means my PayPal account was in good standing.
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I'm going through the same problem! My paypal account is limited for having a negative balance. I have 2 online jobs and can't even recieve payment to pay off the negative balance! I have another verified paypal account that has over 300 dollars in it and paypal froze that account too. I am in the process of creating a bank account but I don't have the money now to fund the account. This is beyond ridiculous...
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They locked my account as well and didn't give me a reason why.
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i have around £600 in my account theyve locked it.yet still took fees out of my halifax.i have things to post to ebayers but i carnt get to the money theyve paid its not locked for paypal tp keep my money i could ring there necks
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I have my account limited by PayPal ,I sent them a bank statement with latest address proof and name ID. Now still as usual they want MORE info from me regarding my identity. I mean what else can you provide except your bank statement with your name and address on it ( not to mention all sensitive data like bank account no and the customer ids etc.). By the looks of it this is not gonna go smoothly and get over quickly. I added a bank account too as per their resolution center but still my info is not enough. I don't carry a credit card and now just to get my account de-limited I have to apply for a credit card? That sounds unreasonable. PayPal should include in their TOS and shouldn't let anyone sign up unless they provide credit card info. Then there wont be any issues. This is just so frustrating. All the time I get an automated message saying you have not fulfilled the requirements. Then why do they say that there are alternatives to prove identity when those alternative ways dont satisfy anything.
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well that means your pwned for 180 days before you can get ur money back...
just ask a family member for their info and recreate another account.
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i just eared that PAYPAL, will ask you to do your DNA test to lift the limitations,once you do that and send them all your indentity,that is it, you are done,they Seal Your Identity. dont surprised if one day the police knock on your door and ask about a crime you never comited. DONT USE PAYPAL .
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My paypal account is locked more a year ago, in my account have $1,700, but paypal don't allow me withdraw :-(
I don't understand paypal what do they want :-(
They want my money ?
Paypal is a thief company no more !
my paypal is


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I also have same , today my acount also permanently limit , any plz help me for remove this limitation
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Hi Paypal please help me my account was limited I dint have a credit so I can't do the final step please help me it's me jefrey melencio please reply me thanks I need you.. I'm in home only can't get credit card how many days it's take my account was limited please help me thanks I wanna back it in normal I need to buy a medicine online to my son please reply me asap