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Paypal placed a temporary hold on cancelled payment?

Hi I bought an item off ebay yesterday, immeadiately I had paid for it through ebay/paypal (personal account). Paypal issued a notice of confirmed payment in my email. The seller however had not yet claimed payment, as the status said 'unclaimed' under 'recent activity'. About 6 hours later the seller reissues an invoice of payment vie ebay/paypal. I then cancel my first payment in paypal account, and then repay the second time through ebay/paypal. Next day, second payment is still unclaimed, under paypal account, but i have recived my second reciept. Both transactions have withdrawn from my bank account. So now my question is that my first payment is cancelled and paypal hasplaced it on temporary hold. What does that mean? And also does the seller I am purchasing from must manually check for claimed transaction in paypal? Or is it automatic? Tnx.
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