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Transferring money to New Zealand

How can I transfer money to my son in New Zealand? He has a Paypal account but has not used it since moving to the country. Is it possible for him to link his N.Z. bank account to his Paypal account so that I can transfer money from my account with Paypal to his account and then for him to transfer it from his account with Paypal to his N.Z. bank account?

Sorry about all the Bank accounts!!

Anna Geraghty
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  • Hi Anna-

    To use a New Zealand bank account in PayPal, the account would have to be set up with New Zealand as the country of origin. If his account was registered with PayPal as a New Zealand account, he would have the ability to add that bank account and withdraw funds to it. If the PayPal account was registered in another country, this won't work. (You can click on the Worldwide link at the bottom of to choose what financial instruments can be used on a PayPal account from a drop-down list of available countries and regions)

    PayPal Jason
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