Unknown charge by PayPal?? or scam?

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"PayPal Pro" just showed up with a temporary authorization on my credit card which is NOT linked to PayPal. It is for a small amount and does not match any transactions that I recall. My PayPal account shows no activity since August, which is correct. I wonder if this is some kind of scam, setting up for a larger transaction?? Anyone have a similar experience?
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hi Hans Schmitt,

If you have unauthorized charges on your credit card statement that you believe are related to PayPal, we want to address the issue as soon as possible. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-221-1161.

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Thanks, Amanda

Per Banks advice, I'm waiting for the temporary authorization to finalize. There is nothing in my PayPal records. That's why I'm puzzled.

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Hey, Hans, how did this work out? I just got a random $12 charge labeled "Paypal Pro" in my bank statement this month, which doesn't show up in my PayPal payment history.
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In my case the item appeared as a "temporary authorization". The bank advised me to wait till it finalized, then file a protest.

The item did not finalize, just disappeared. It may have been some kind of error, but I have no idea where it originated. There was no activity on my PayPal account.

My advice is, if you are absolutely, positively sure it isn't a valid charge for something you ordered, (compare dates, amounts, etc.) file a protest with your bank. Be aware that sometimes vendors use second party account names names. Like when they have two or more DBAs or use a friend or relatives account.

Also, as noted above, you could call PayPal. I'm not sure what good that would be if it doesn't show on your account, but it may be some kind of scam that know about, or would want to know about. But go to the bank first, so you can recover your money.

Thinking while writing...I wonder if it could be an error in PayPal, transmitting wrong account number? I've never heard of such a thing, but who knows?

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A similar thing just happened to me. I got a charge of $82.33 on a transaction that appears to be confirmed withdrawn from one of my bank's checking account. However, I do not remember purchasing anything in PayPal for this amount in recent days. When I went to transaction history on my PP account it said the funds were transferred but...there was also the option to cancel the payment....so I did. Then I went back to my PP account history and it now shows three items in "Related Transactions" all on the same date for the amount mentioned: 1.) Add funds from a Bank Account - completed 2.) Cancelled Payment - Completed 3.) Temporary Hold - Placed.
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