My campus will not allow outside vendor access to student e-mail addresses and my IT department has told me that they can only blast e-mail “static messages” (identical messages). The e-mail messages cannot be personalized with a unique ID embedded in the survey link. Is there another way to administer the MBA Lifecycle survey?

My campus will not allow outside vendor access to alumni email addresses.
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  • If there is no way to remedy this problem on campus, Percept Research can provide a “static” survey link (URL) for your MBA Lifecycle survey. However, without unique IDs embedded in the survey links, we cannot...

    1. control for multiple submissions from the same student (or alumnus);
    2. prevent submissions from outside your sample;
    3. send reminders to only the non-respondents; nor
    4. identify random respondents to award incentives.

    While this methodology can be implemented, it is not recommended as it introduces a several sources of error not present in the standard methodology as well as decrease our ability to boost response rates with target survey invitations only to those participants that have not completed the survey.
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