Can my program request data from a custom subset of the programs participating in the EMBAC Program Survey?

Is it possible to get a specific statistic from the EMBAC program survey?

Can you tell me the avg age and years of work experience of U.S EMBA programs costing 100k or more? The avg years of mgmt experience would be helpful as well. The Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey cuts the data at $80k and higher. We would like to refine this segment for specific statistics reported.
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  • Yes, we can provide either a custom Excel spreadsheet of the data requested or a recast custom graphical report for data from the EMBAC Membership Program Survey as long as we can preserve the confidentiality of the participants. We charge a fee for custom data requests based on the staff time needed to create the custom report or data set including the time needed for quality assurance. Please note that we provide recast data for all metrics in the survey, not just specific metrics.

    In this case, we can recast the Peer Report to provide a new tuition cost segment of "More than $100,000" to include US EMBA programs only as long as there are more than 5 programs in this custom segment to protect confidentiality of these programs.

    Our cost to produce this custom 100+ page report along with the associated quality assurance is $1,500. Alternatively, we can provide this custom data as a column in an Excel spreadsheet with out graphical comparative display for $600. Please contact if you would like to purchase this report or refine your specifications.
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