Do you have any data on faculty salaries for EMBA programs nationwide?

I am looking for compensation for peer schools for overload on a per credit basis. I have looked at the annual survey but what is reported is not what I need. Please let me know if that data exists.
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  • Please reference this related article: Does the Membership Program Survey have staff or faculty salary data?

    The EMBA Council Membership Program Survey does measure overload compensation with this question:

    F4. If some faculty receive Overload/Offload compensation, please indicate your average compensation to full-time faculty for a typical course in [DISPLAY B11 DENOMINATION] including benefits.

    If you would like to compare your program to a self-selected set of peers for this question as well as all other metrics in the EMBA Council Membership Programs Survey, you may order a Peer Report - here is more information: What is the EMBAC Peer Report?

    We do not report results on a ‘per credit basis’ because the use of ‘credits’ is not ubiquitous across programs worldwide for use in this global research study.
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