Does Percept Research offer other types of surveys for MBA programs?

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  • Percept Research offers a lifecycle approach for full-time MBA, part-time MBA, executive MBA, and specialized masters programs. Please visit our MBA Lifecycle microsite for more detailed information:

    What surveys are offered?

    Student Entry Survey: Offers cost-effective way to enhance your marketing strategies and strengthen your admissions process based on feedback from incoming students.

    Student Midterm Survey: Evaluates the operational program delivery for first and second year students, providing an opportunity to address current students’ concerns and suggestions while in the program.

    Student Exit Survey: Provides a clear picture of perceptions of graduating students on a range of attributes including: faculty, curriculum, teaching methods, and measuring ROI outcomes.

    Alumni Survey: Enables programs to benchmark how graduates perform in their professional life, assess learning outcomes, and demonstrating return-on-investment.
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