How do I submit a private support request?

How do I post a private support request so it is not visible to anyone other than Percept Research?
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  • For the MBA Lifecycle Surveys, you can send a support request privately on the support page specific to the survey type (see red arrow in image below):

    MBA Student Entry Survey Support

    MBA Student Midterm Survey Support

    MBA Student Exit Survey Support

    MBA Alumni Survey Support

    Please note that both Standard and Premium Support users of the MBA Lifecycle survey can use this method to send private support inquiries. Premium Support users can also send direct email inquiries to the Percept Research team, but Standard Support users must utilize this method. Here is a reference article:

    What is the difference between Standard support and Premium support?

    For studies other than the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite, you can submit a private support request using the link on support home page:

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