What is the difference between Standard support and Premium support?

How can I get more assistance with my MBA Lifecycle survey?

Who can I contact for help with my survey?
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  • Percept Research offers two levels of support assistance:


    Standard Support: Get Satisfaction Social Support

    Schools receive assistance via our Get Satisfaction social support community and self-service knowledge base. This user-powered community allows you to ask a question, share an idea, or report a problem.

    Premium Support: Dedicated Phone & Email Support

    Schools receive full-service expert phone and email support to answer any of your questions. Premium users will receive a special email address to send questions to our speedy and knowledgeable support team - we respond to email support requests within one business day if not sooner.

    Please note that Premium Support is included in the First Year Development Fee for new users.


    Schools that wish to upgrade from self-service support to full-service dedicated support may do so by purchasing a fee package that includes Premium Support.
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