Why do I need to select a primary program in the EMBA Council Membership Program Survey?

Why do I need to select a flagship program in the EMBA Council Membership Program Survey? There are no primary program in our Executive MBA programs.
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  • All Executive MBA Council members are asked to select a primary (or flagship) program within Membership Program Survey. Whether you consider this a flagship program or not, your school will need to select a 'primary' program for the EMBA Council online Directory.

    The online Directory listing for the the primary program is included with membership fee. Non-primary programs pay an annual fee for each additional listing, which will be billed separately from the EMBA Council membership dues.

    Reference article: Why should I order an EMBA Council Directory Listing for my program?

    To select or change your your primary program:

    1. Log into your school portal hosted by Percept Research with this address: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

    2. Click "Review/Update My Programs" in the Directory Management menu (red arrow).

    3. Select the program that you want to be be your primary program (purple oval).

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