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Breastfeeding difficulties:
Breastfeeding difficulties are extremely common and easily treated by following a few simple tips of correction. Typical dilemmas include: symptoms of increased clamp or piranha grip, a chewing latch, difficulty on one side over the other and feedings that result in pain/pressure lines or cracking for the mom. Each of these problems can lead to a decreased or strained range of motion in the musculoskeletal system that relates to increased tension in the movements of the jaw and neck that are required for proper feeding positions. Proper latch set up can keep your baby from becoming increasingly fussy by baby being fully satisfied through quality feedings. Which in turn can also prevent increased gas from too much air during the feeding. Chiropractic also works to decrease the tension, improve function and restore their proper range of motion.

Torticollis is an asymmetry of the neck/shoulder alignment and the muscles of those areas. Parents usually notice a head tilt, rotation and preference to turn to one side and often the baby will fuss if put into a position facing the side they don’t like. Chiropractic helps with torticollis by realigning neck and shoulder areas and restoring symmetry.

Repeat Fluid Buildup in the ears:
The upper neck area is a key player in helping to bring about some relief with repeat fluid buildup in the ears. Tensions or dysfunction here relate to attachments that can decrease lymphatic drainage; when fluid is not able to drain well – it can back up. It is this back up of fluid that can become infected with bacteria that thrive in warm, moist environments leading to an infection. If the tensions and blockages are released through chiropractic treatments, the fluid can drain, and without fluid back up, the bacteria has no where to grow – so there will be less chance of full blown infections. I also teach parents to do an at-home lymphatic drainage massage to encourage flow and drainage of lymphatics to prevent fluid build-up.

GI problems:
General discomfort, fussiness, colic-like symptoms and other GI issues can also benefit from release of dysfunctions in the spine through chiropractic. Simple gas massage techniques are something I also go over with parents, along with other helpful positions and tips to ease discomfort.

Has anyone had any success with these problems?

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